Bob Riley Life Coach

Bob Riley Life Coach

There are without question many concerns in regards to building, sharing, understanding and living our life. One of the biggest components to the life process is learning about death and coming to terms with dying issues.

Unless we have experienced a death first hand of a close loved one or friend, many of us walk around with a unnecessary fear of death. It is quite understandable and many of us are taken by surprise and shaken to our core when a death happens close to us. Each death we have to grieve only brings back memories of other deceased loved ones and the problem may grow over time.

Death is part of the life journey. A very close cousin of mine died a number of years ago and said to me, “Bob, when you learn how to die you will learn how to live”. I thought long and hard about that and I hope I have gained the wisdom he had intended.

In addition to the many personal losses I have had, my life’s work with our suicide support group has without a doubt has been the cornerstone of teaching me about death, grief, loss and dying. To have been taught by other peers of how death and grief have shaped their lives, I know what I have been given is immeasurable. I have made available, along with my other “Life” services, grief coaching and the information in this blog for any death, dying or loss situation.

Whether asked to be a part of someone’s life experience or to help the bereaved through the walk of grief, it is an honor for me to be involved in any part of someone’s life. If grief coaching  or personal help is a need you have, I welcome the opportunity to communicate with you in any way you feel comfortable .

Please know my heart rides with you on this path and I hope you can find some comfort in the pages of this website.

Your online life coach,

Bob Riley

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