Grief and Fatigue

Have you ever felt the complete exhaustion while in the midst of going through grief? Any situation you may have to go through where grief is associated with it, you can become very unmotivated and very lethargic. Many who have never experienced this will offer all types of suggestions and remedies about how to kick this so you can get back to being the “you” before this entered your life. Problem is, the possibility of you changing for good is quite high as each death experience we have changes who we become. Our whole system is wracked with pain, hurt, sometimes anger, shock, denial, disbelief—quite a wide variety of emotions.

The very fatigue we are referring to can be brought about as a result of situations other than a physical death. Some of these can be moving away from family, a favorite neighborhood, divorce, receiving a pink slip from your job, job relocation, etc.-all of the aforementioned plus many more. Sometimes we can feel like our heart has been ripped from our chests.

What we can do to protect ourselves is recognize this is a phase we need to go through and affirm the fact” I can and will survive this”. Know that your grief is on its own time table, not yours and it will require more energy for you to go through this than you can imagine. There are many things both symbolic and tangible you will grieve for, not just only the death itself.

Something else to get in touch with will be all of the feelings you will have in regards to the realizations of the dream, hopes, wishes and expectations you had for the person you lost. All of your unmet needs now coming into focus will be affected and will have an adverse reaction on the very energy it takes to go through grief. All of this is so paramount in your search for meaning and may place into question your religion or the very philosophy of life that you hold so true.

Grief is not a constant because if it were it could overtake us. As you feel these waves wash over you, remember—you will survive all of this and get on the other side of grieving which will bring the opportunity for growth. Look for this and set your sights on moving forward.

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